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N scale
Saturday, May 13, 2017 - 08:11 AM GMT+7
Kato USA will be releasing two N scale EMD SD70M in the livery of Union Pacific later this month
Introduced in 1992, EMD SD70M was a 4000 horsepower locomotive that ran on EMD's new steerable truck design, known as the HTCR-II radial truck. This new truck allowed the locomotive to transfer its power to the rails more efficiently, which in turn enabled two SD70M locomotives to pull a train that would have taken 3 SD40-2's to pull. The DC brother of the SD70MAC, the SD70M was primarily put to work hauling coal trains due to its high pulling capacity.

These N scale models will be equipped with all-wheel electrical pick-up and blackened metal wheels in trucks that replicate the HTCR Phase II trucks. The NS and UP versions will feature a Phase II Wide Cab and Flared Radiators.
Models feature:
-Powerful five-pole KATO motor with dual brass flywheels
-Floating-axle shock-absorber design to maximize tracking and performance
-Directional Headlight and illuminated, preprinted number boards
-Kato magnetic knuckle coupler
-DCC Friendly mechanism ready for drop-in decoder installation
-Drop in DCC compatible with the Digitrax DN163K1C, Digitrax DN163K1D or Train Control Systems K1D4-NC

Models available soon
EMD SD70M Union Pacific no 4843
Item no: 176-8609
EMD SD70M Union Pacific no 4848
Ref no: 176-8610

Both models will be available towards the end of May 2017
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MU hoses on the pilot are a very good touch.
MAY 13, 2017 - 04:51 PM
It does look very good. I would be tempted to slightly weather the paintwork.
MAY 13, 2017 - 11:06 PM
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