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Tuesday, November 28, 2017 - 07:17 AM UTC
SOUNDTRAXX continues to upgrade their TSUNAMI2 sound decoders.
New Software Version 1.2 Release for Tsunami2™ Digital Sound Decoders

Durango, Colo. (November 2017) – Updated Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders are available through your local hobby shop or online retailer.

Updated decoders have all of the cutting-edge features that Tsunami2 has to offer and more. This fall, all Tsunami2 Digital Sound Decoders for diesel locomotives will have more prototypically accurate sounds that ever before, including:

 Prime Electronic Bell
 Leslie S3LR and RS3K Airhorns
 Electronic Air Dryer
 Cummins QSK19C x 3 (Baldwin & Others Version)
 GE GTEL UP “Slab Side” (Baldwin & Others Version)
 GE GTEL UP “Veranda” (Baldwin & Others Version)
 GE GTEL UP “Big Blow” (Baldwin & Others Version)
 GEVO G12 Tier 4 (GE Version)
 Updated GE Dynamic Braking Effects

In addition to an updated diesel sound library, Tsunami2 diesel decoders will have prime mover pitch shift, auxiliary HEP generator, straight-to-idle, and true-idle features built in. All formats also have Hyperdrive2™ advanced motor control, simplified function mapping using Flex-Map technology, Dynamic Digital Exhaust™, and more.

For easy identification all updated, Tsunami2 packages with the new software update will feature a brightly colored sticker. The software version (V1.2) is also indicated on the back of the package in the lower right-hand corner.
Tsunami2 Part Numbers and MSRP

P.N. Description MSRP
885001 TSU-1100 EMD Diesels $129.95
885002 TSU-1100 GE Diesels $129.95
885003 TSU-1100 ALCO Diesels $129.95
885004 TSU-1100 Baldwin & Other Diesels $129.95

885005 TSU-2200 EMD Diesels $124.95
885006 TSU-2200 GE Diesels $124.95
885007 TSU-2200 ALCO Diesels $124.95
885008 TSU-2200 Baldwin & Other Diesels $124.95

885009 TSU-21PNEM EMD Diesels $109.95
885010 TSU-21PNEM GE Diesels $109.95
885011 TSU-21PNEM ALCO Diesels $109.95
885012 TSU-21PNEM Baldwin & Other Diesels $109.95

885013 TSU-PNP EMD Diesels $109.95
885014 TSU-PNP GE Diesels $109.95
885015 TSU-PNP ALCO Diesels $109.95
885016 TSU-PNP Baldwin & Other Diesels $109.95

885017 TSU-4400 EMD Diesels $179.95
885018 TSU-4400 GE Diesels $179.95
885019 TSU-4400 ALCO Diesels $179.95
885020 TSU-4400 Baldwin & Other Diesels $179.95

*Prices effective November, 2017 and are subject to change without notice.
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