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Friday, December 01, 2017 - 04:00 AM UTC
Rapido Trains Inc is relaunching their HO/1:87 Northern Pacific Boxcars
“In 2015 we ventured into uncharted waters with our first 100% accurate Northern Pacific prototype. With the help of the NPRHA (Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association), we designed the first ever ready-to-run model of NP's ubiquitous double-sheathed 10,000-series boxcars. These cars could be found on freight trains all over North America from the 1920s to the 1960s.Then we cut the tooling. And that's when our troubles began.
The first samples had all sorts of problems. The grooves between the boards were too big and the end details were too chunky. But those weren't the biggest issue. We discovered that the cars were resheathed around the time of the Second World War. That meant that our NP Boxcar, with its 82 boards per side, would be inaccurate for the vast majority of model railroaders who model the transition era and want these cars on their layouts.

So... it was time to make some changes! The first thing we did was retool the sides. (We still need to tweak the doors.) The next step was to replace the coupler cut lever and other end hardware with wire and etched metal parts where possible. This really improved the ends. The Boxcars feature either K-brakes or AB brakes, depending on the paint scheme”.

The NP Boxcars are available in the following paint schemes:
●NP Pre-War
●NP 36" Monad (Red Ends)
●NP 36" Monad (Black Ends)
●NP "Main Street..."
●NP Company Service

The MSRP is $49.95. They are available as four-packs with different numbers or as single cars with a random number from the four-pack. Popular schemes have two different four-packs available.

The order deadline is April 30th. Delivery is later in 2018.

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