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Built Review
N scale
Parking Meters
N Scale Parking Meters #3003 Silver and #3004 Yellow
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by: Brent Arritt [ NORTH4003 ]

Today is July 17, 2014 and I’m writing this review on the Hi-Tech Details N Scale . The timing of this review couldn’t be more appropriate. Yesterday, July 16, 1935 “the world's first parking meter, known as Park-O-Meter No. 1, is installed on the southeast corner of what was then First Street and Robinson Avenue in Oklahoma City, OK “. Thank you History Channel. Park-O-Meter No. 1

The idea for a parking meter came from a newspaper reporter named Carl C. Mage. Mr. Mages’ Park-O-Meter was a response to the parking problems occurring during the 1930’s in metropolitan American City’s due to the increasing number of automobiles. Motorists at the time declared it un-American to have to pay a tax on their cars to park them on public streets.

Now you know who to blame, when you circle your ‘Main Street’, High Street’ or Car Park looking in vain for a space to park your Toyota, or Ford.

The Model
Hi-Tech Details is a firm that I first encountered several years ago. They produce highly detailed ‘U Boat’ Cabs for Athearn and other manufactures General Electric HO scale model locomotives. These N Scale parking meters are a fine continuation of a commitment to bringing outstanding aftermarket parts to model railroaders.

The models, although N Scale, appear to work well in HO Scale for more modern 1960’s meters; more on that later.

The face on each meter is about 3mm x 1.5mm and the height from meter top to the bottom sprue is 13mm; this height includes a 5mm mounting pin. The meters, when inserted into the scenery are about 8mm high. They are made out of a tough impact resistant plastic and take quite a bit of abuse.

When I looked at these meters I initially thought they looked right for HO Scale meters. I think you’ll agree when you look at the photos that they look right for current parking meters in both scale and proportion. The base in my HO buildings sidewalk is about 1.5mm so I cut off the meters at the top and bottom of the sprue. I drilled a 1mm hole and inserted the meter in 1.5mm.

I’m certain that these meters when used as intended in N Scale will look right for more period 1930-1950 parking meters. I have not acquired a sample of the HO meters to compare these to. Maybe I will in the future. Anyhow they work in HO for me now.

Hi-Tech N Scale Parking Meters 14 each for $4.95

Dimensional data
Model Dimensions: 1.5mm x 8mm

Key Features
Glue in detail part
High impact plastic part, 14 to a sprue.
Excellent color and detail.

ERA: 1935-present

We thank Hi-Tech Details for providing this model for review. Please mention you saw it here - on
Highs: They are made out of a tough impact resistant plastic and take quite a bit of abuse.
Verdict: I think you’ll agree when you look at the photos that they look right for current parking meters in both scale and proportion.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: N Scale
  Mfg. ID: 3003, 3004
  Suggested Retail: $4.95
  Related Link: HO Parking Meters
  PUBLISHED: Jul 18, 2014
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Hi-Tech Details!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.
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