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In-Box Review
German Motorcyclists
German Motorcyclists WWII (Set VI)
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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Armor35 is a Russian based online modelling store since 2012 offering a wide variety of products to our friends in Russia and around the world. Recently Armor35 has branched out into offering a line of products, “Project Armor35”, including kits and accessories in 1/35th scale geared towards Railway Transport and the Second World War from resin and wood and most recently a line of 1/35th scale resin figures.

One of the most recent releases form Armor35 is their German Motorcyclists WWII (Set VI). This is a three figure cast resin set for use with any number of commercially sold 1/35 German Motorcycle kits on the market today. The BMW R75, Zundapp K800 and KS750 motorcycles…probably more, I just don’t know about right now, all came equipped with a sidecar attachment as well as the rear passenger seat. The German Motorcyclists WWII has been designed to use individually or collectively.

The Set
The figures come supplied in Armor35’s standard end-opening cardboard box with a color depiction of the finished model(s) on the front. Please note, this three figure set includes the figures only, no motorcycle.

The set includes:

1 – Driver figure
1 – Sidecar passenger
1 – One rear seat positioned German officer

As I have seen with a few other sets from Armor35, the casts are excellent. They all are crisply cast and free from flash. Each figure in individually sealed in its own Ziploc type packages and require some assembly.


The driver consists of 8 parts. The body and legs have been cast as on with the arms separately cast and positioned for grasping both handlebars. The solders’ helmet, small container, knife and rifle are separate and are very well made. The cleanup of this figure is limited to only the attachment points where the pasts meet the casting blocks.

Sidecar Passenger

The sidecar passenger consists of four pieces; the main body, a separate head, helmet and left arm and hand clutching an MP40. Again, this figure is cast very well and free from flash and air bubbles. The figure is set in a semi-relaxed pose…as relaxed as one could be jammed into a tiny sidecar. The head and face have been represented well even though he appears to have a bit of an angry look to him. Could be he fears for his life from the drive or where he might be heading.

The Officer

The Office in this set is made up from seven individual pieces. A seen with the previous figures in the set, and series for that matter, cleanly cast! The pose of the figure places him squarely on the back of the motorcycle positioned with his left hand risen up as to be leading a mechanized version of a horse ridden cavalry charge. The officer comes equipped with an MP40 as well which has been nicely rendered and separate from the body most undoubtedly for detail and painting reasons.

The armor35 figures are typically an easy construction process. There is very little in the way of cleanup as there are no visible seam lines from the casting mold and the parts all tend to fit into place nicely. I only noticed a slight gap in a couple of the arm attachment point. A little filler and all is good!

I have become quite partial to many of the Armor35 line; the quality is high and sculpts original. The assembly of the figures is the real treat for anyone who does not want to be bogged down with endless and most often mindless seam cleanup of figures. The price might seem a bit high for most, coming in around $50.00 US, but in my opinion this made up for in the quality that you receive…not to mention If someone was willing to spend $20.00 US on a decent figure, this would actually be of good value. I have to recommend the German Motorcyclists WWII (Set VI) from Armor35to anyone considering building a 1/35 scale motorcycle and are looking to add figures or at least improve on the molded styrene option supplied by a few of the manufacturers.
Highs: Excellent casting with plenty of great detailing.
Lows: No real secondary options...the figures have only one purpose (for the most part), riding on a motorcycle.
Verdict: This is a great aftermarket option for anyone building or that has a German motorcycle and sidecar and looking for figures.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: ARM35132
  Suggested Retail: $50.00 US
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 03, 2014

Our Thanks to Armor 35!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.
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