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First Look Review
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by: Tim Hatton [ LITESPEED ]

The DAF XF SSC E6 ZM tractor has recentlybeen released by Herpa. It is item 305891.

The DAF XF is a range of trucks produced by the Dutch manufacturer DAF since 1997. The XF is a common sight on European roads and motorways. The left hand drive versions are produced in Eindhoven. All right hand drive versions are assembled at Leyland Trucks in the UK. The XF 105 won the International Truck of the Year 2007 award. The truck features the 12.9 litre engine and ZF gearbox in both manual and automatic formats.

In The Box
The packaging for this HO-1/87 release is side opening and the contents are very well protected in a plastic bath. The separate plastic mirrors are in their own slot in the plastic. The clear plastic front and top give you a very good clear view of the model without the need to open the box.

The plastic is coloured and the cabin has a semi-gloss appearance. The clear plastic representing the glass is very good quality and scratch free. It has a flusher look with the body work than a lot of die cast models. The interior of the cabin is nicely moulded in black. The seats, floor, rear shelf/bed and front console are all one piece. The left hand steering wheel is a separate part. Access can be gained to the cabin by carefully de constructing the cabin, which is ideal if you want to personalise the cabin. The moulded detail on the the central console and the air vents is superb. Outside the cabin there are three nicely detailed windscreen wipers. This is a separate part so be careful if you’re dismantling the cab. There are two separate wing mirrors and two manoeuvring mirrors for the windscreen and the nearside side window. There is also a separate black sun visor for above the windscreen. The front lights are clear plastic and the radiator grill looks like it has chrome paint sprayed on it. The printed wording on the grill and around the side of the cab is exceptionally well done. There is a rendition of the PACCAR MX-13 Euro 6 engine under the cabin, but real care needs to be applied to lift the cabin.

The air ducting on the rear of the cabin is a separate part, but the moulded detail of the intake is again very good indeed. The platform at the back of the tractor unit is superbly detailed. The recessed grill work of the foot plates looks excellent as does the detail on the mudguards, fuel tanks and the fifth wheel. The detail continues underneath the tractor including the ladder framed chassis, prop shaft, clutch, gear box, rear wheel suspension and rear air tank.

The wheels look very good with good tread detail on the tyres and bolt detail on the hubs. The wheels are attached to stainless steel rods so you can easily manoeuvre the vehicle into place.

A great looking scale model of the DAF XF.

There are no instructions for installing the mirrors or lifting the cabin to view the engine.

This is my first look at a Herpa produced model and I have to say I am very impressed. The detail is very good and the quality of the coloured plastic is very good indeed. There is also scope to customise the tractor to your taste, but it will look very good straight out of the box.
Highs: Plenty of detail.
Lows: There are no instructions for installing the mirrors or lifting the cabin to view the engine.
Verdict: A great looking scale model of the DAF XF.
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 305891
  PUBLISHED: Jan 17, 2017
  NATIONALITY: Netherlands

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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