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DieselHO ScaleATH77867GP50 Diesel Road SwitcherFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits90%101752010-05-24
FreightN Scale23036Airslide HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%81922010-06-10
General RR1:87Athearn 87530N&W Covered HopperKen O'BrienIn-BoxPlastic Kits95%56862010-06-14
DieselHO ScaleATHG22326Genesis FP7 Passenger LocoFrederick Boucher First LookMetal Kits89%98812010-11-23
General RR1:8796824Ford F-850Frederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits85%90792010-12-19
General RR1:872776745' Intermodal ContainersFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits95%77392011-02-06
General RR1:872915528' Semi-Trailer VanFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits90%64672011-03-16
General RR1:8727769Hyundai 45' ContainerFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits90%80622011-02-08
General RR1:87ATH9766326' Ore Car with LoadFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits90%66632011-03-15
SteamHO ScaleATHG97000Genesis 4-8-2 Steam LocomotiveFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits88%114692011-03-28
General RR1:8791120Converter DolliesFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits90%62642011-04-16
General RR1:87ATH27655Ford C Box VanFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits90%77342011-05-06
General RR1:87G6902650' PC&F Box CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits93%73502011-05-14
General RR1:87ATH97751SF Trailer on Flat CarFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits83%69622011-05-18
General RR1:87459870-Ton Roller Bearing TruckFrederick Boucher First LookAccessories80%81322011-06-08
Rolling StockHO Scale14051100-Ton Trucks .088Frederick Boucher First LookAccessories85%78402011-07-09
FreightHO Scale5330Steam-era 50' Express ReeferFrederick Boucher BuiltPlastic Kits80%58292011-07-13
FreightHO Scale74916GM&O RTR 40' Double Door BoxFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits84%59792011-07-15
General RR1:87G66212MP15-AC, Canadian Pacific Frederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits88%100232011-08-28
General RR1:875230Wood Boxcar, Steam-eraFrederick Boucher BuiltPlastic Kits75%77742011-09-11
FreightN ScaleATH11763N Thrall Gondola SetFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits84%69612011-09-15
DieselN ScaleATH22461FP45 with DCC & SoundFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits80%83172011-10-07
“Old-Timer” (Pre-1900)N ScaleATH11898Old Time 2-6-0Frederick Boucher In-BoxMetal Kits84%74502011-10-07
Non-revenueN ScaleATH23252N Bay Window CabooseFrederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits96%76182013-02-06
Diesel1:87ATH80204F7 A/B, KCS #1Frederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic Kits77%88582011-12-22
DieselHO ScaleATHG22226Athearn Genesis FP7 & F7BSean HadfieldBuiltPlastic Kits80%69382011-12-05
General RRHO ScaleATH89409Trinity 3-Bay Covered HopperFrederick Boucher BuiltPlastic Kits92%83722011-12-15
PassengerN ScaleATH10179Bombardier BiLevel CoachesFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits90%81812011-12-26
General RRHO ScaleATH98027SD45, High NoseFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits90%87822012-03-01
FreightN ScaleATH23062N GATC 2600 Airslide HopperFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits95%84562012-01-10
General RR1:87ATH90304Mack B Dump TruckFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits90%82342012-01-10
General RR1:87ATH7667140' Single Dome Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits73%78212012-01-21
FreightN ScaleATH2425750’ FMC Double Door Box Car Frederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits80%75422012-02-18
General RR1:87ATH71409PFE 57' Mech ReeferSean HadfieldIn-BoxPlastic Kits85%58122012-03-16
Non-revenue1:87ATHG63004C-50-7 Bay Window CabooseFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits92%87062012-04-25
Non-revenue1:87ATHG63000Bay Window Caboose, DCC, UndecFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits93%78872012-04-30
Rolling StockHO Scale9761730,000 Gallon Ethanol Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits90%77312013-09-12
FreightN Scale2435330,000 Gallon Ethanol Tank CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic Kits85%72722013-10-30
DieselHO ScaleATH96761ALCo RS-3, Interstate # 37Frederick Boucher In-BoxPlastic KitsN/A77082014-08-12
Non-revenueHO ScaleATH93821RTR Rotary Snowplow Power CarFrederick Boucher First LookPlastic KitsN/A74462014-06-06