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by Randy Harvey
by Frederick Boucher
by Frederick Boucher
by Fred Boucher


Randy Harvey [HARV] carries a camera with him just for encounters like this - a classic grain silo. Staples of railroad income, granaries and silos make fascinating subjects.
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Model railroaders love to detail building interiors. A favorite interior is a workshop and these tools represent what a well equipped wagoner and mechanical shop would have.
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Model railroaders find a great deal of inspiration in the misty mountains of northeastern Tennessee. A beautiful place where a slower pace of living provides a tranquil setting...until a giant Fairbanks-Morris diesel engine explodes into life!
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In 2011 NOCH celebrated their Centennial. One of their releases is Small Mine “Victoria”, a complimentary facility to a Märklin set of industrial railroad cars. Small Mine “Victoria” is a limited edition kit of three main structures built with six major
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