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MISSION: Masters of Battle            


  MISSION:Masters of Battle
  SCALE:1:72 To 1:6
  START DATE:November 1st, 2006
  ENDS:March 31st, 2007
Award Ribbon
Upon completion of this campaign you will recieve this fine ribbon to decorate your profile page and act as a link back to this page.

Masters of Battle - 2007
This award signifies that the holder has successfully completed the Masters of Battle campaign, Historicus Forma, 2007.

Operational Overview
Entries must fall into one of the selected great warrior classes, and must be accompanied by a brief justification and motivation of why the subject falls into the class and why it should earn the title of "Master of Battle".

The classes are:

1. The Marines (e.g. the Vikings of the north)
2. The Artillerymen (e.g. the Longbowmen of England)
3. The Skirmishers (e.g. the Riflemen of Saratoga)
4. The Spearmen (e.g. the Zulus of Isandlwana)
5. The Privateers (e.g. the Kaiser's U-Boat Captains)
6. The Armoured Ones (e.g. Hitler's Panzer Commanders)

My inspiration for this proposal is the book "Masters of Battle" by John Wilcox (ISBN 1-85409-454-8), which is a fantastic read for anyone interested in military history.

The Rules and Regs
1) Entries may consist of single figures, vignettes or diorama’s (There is no limit on the number of figures in a single entry)
2) Scenery and buildings are permitted.
3) Scales allowed will be from 1/72 - ¼ scale.
4) All mediums (i.e. plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, etc) are permitted.
5) If vehicles are featured as part of the entry it must be absolutely clear to the viewer that the vehicle is NOT the focus diorama - it should clearly be a secondary and complimentary feature. If you're not sure on this point, ASK the campaign leader, or leave it out (and yes, I know that sounds painfully harsh, but this is a figure campaign after all).
6) Final Entry to include 2-4 Pictures.
7) Each entry must be accompanied by a brief justification and motivation of why the subject falls into the class, and why the subject should earn the title of "Master of Battle" in that class.

Contest Element
1) Kit Figures - Stock or Minor conversion (i.e. adjust pose, etc).
2) Kit figure Major Conversation.
3) Original Sculptures.

Award: Ribbon (to be designed).


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