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Campaign Guidlines
To submit a proposal for a new campaign (group build) you should review the following items. Please give your idea due consideration before sending us the proposal via the online submission form.

There are two distinct types of Campaigns. The first are Operations. They are generally larger in scope than a normal group build. They will also have a high-level of educational value to the build process. If you want to dig out the books and do research than this campaign should interest you.

The second type of campaign is the Mission. Missions can have as many participants as an Operation, but will generally be more about building models and less about things like historical battles or learning to create a water effect for a diorama. Missions will be the far more predominent form of group build on KitMaker.

Once you are ready to submit your campaign idea please click the Propose a Campaign button.

Creating a
Sucessful Campaign

Campaign Name
Or your idea! It's fun to be creative - but make it something we all understand. If not - we'll create one for you!

The proposed start and end dates for your campaign.

Traditionally, a campaign needs at least 10 modelers signed on and interested in participating in the activity. Please include the callsigns of those willing to join up.

What are you doing, how you want it to be done, etc. Tell the participants what's going on in the activity up front.

Are there different divisions or classes of entries allowed within the scope of the campaign proposed? List them here.

Traditionally, campaign ribbons are the preferred award presented to participants when they complete the requirements listed for the activity. If you're going to do something different - list it. Campaign ribbons are most often created by members of our own site - so ask them. Some really interesting ideas come around.

Remember the overriding rule governing campaigns is to have fun! Don't conceive them so twisting and tedious that even you get dizzy reading the parameters. Pick a popular subject, take some thoughts and opinions on the activity, write the best down and send it in.