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Book Review
Magach Tanks of the IDF
Magach Tanks of the IDF Magach 2 and 3 Tanks In The Six-Day War
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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In the 1960s , Israel began to slowly amass M48A1s and A2Cs into their ranks after many negotiations between The US and Germany. As with all outsourced armor within the IDF, the tanks would soon be modified for use to its new environment as well as gaining a new name; The Magach. By the outset of the Six-Day War in 1967, Magach 2 and 3s would be pressed into service defending Israel from the pending onslaught brought on by the surrounding Arab nations. These Magachs became to undisputed workhorses of the IDF during the war.
Dr. Robert Manasherob and SabIngMartin Publications continue the story of the Magach Tanks in service of the IDF in one of their latest books; Magach Tanks of the IDF Magach 2 and 3 Tanks in the Six-Day War. This is the second volume in the series of books on the Magach.

This is an eighty page pictorial monograph filled with hundreds of black and white as well as color period photographs from the times of the Six-Day War.

  • Introduction
  • Magach 2 (M48A2C) 1967
  • Magach 3 1967
  • Victory Parade In Sinai
  • Victory Parade In Jerusalem 1967
  • Walk Around
  • Camouflage and Markings

The Introduction to Magach Tanks Of The IDF is a chronologically listed timeline leading up to and including the Six-Day War and the introduction of the Magach 2 and 3 tanks into it. The first twenty-three pages of the book are a well written and very informative accounting of the men and machines during the period of the war. There are many period photographs of these tanks in action shown in this section of the book; all with supporting text explaining what is being seen in the pictures. Included in this section, there is a 3-page 1/35th scale drawing layout of the Magach 1.

The second, third sections of this book are more like one section including 1/35th scale drawing of both the Magach 2 and 3 tanks. Both sets of prints are multiple views covering every angle of the tanks. Included in this section are several supporting pictures of the Magachs in action in the battlefield during the Six-Day War. All of the photographs are accompanied with supporting text.

Moving forward, the next two sections of the book, Victory Parade In Sinai and Victory Parade In Jerusalem 1967 are a collection of pictures, half of which are in color, showing the Magach tank on parade for a grateful nation upon the conclusion of the Six-Day War. Each of the photographs are supported nicely pointing out key points of interest about the tanks on parade.

The bulk section of this book is the sixteen page color Walk Around display. Dr Manasherob uses an M48A2C located in one of the military museums in the United States as a base of the walk around pictorial as the M48A2C basically transitioned from the US to within the IDF with essentially little change from its original configuration. Each part to the Walk Around section is broken down into smaller sections defining every exterior facet to the M48A2C (Magach 2). This is an up close and personal lok at the exterior of the tank.

The book finishes up with an amazing eleven page, colored look into the camouflage and markings used on the Magach 2 and 3 tanks. Dr. Manasherob covers unit, company and battalion tactical markings as well as the various distinguishing markings seen on the tank while in service.

I have to say Magach Tanks of the IDF Magach 2 and 3 Tanks In The Six-Day War - Volume 2 from SabIngaMartin Publications has to be one of the most comprehensive looks into the Magach 2 and 3 tanks. There are over 170 photographs throughout the book covering these beasts in action leading up to, throughout and after the Six-Day War. The full color Walk Around spread leaves very few unanswered questions to the physical makeup to the Magach 2 as shown from a well preserved US M48A2C museum piece.

The added 1/35th scale prints a fine addition to this book as is the complete color profile section on tactical markings and camouflages used by the IDF. This book is the perfect companion to volume one in the series on this tank; Magach Tanks Of The IDF Magach 1 & 2 I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the history behind the Magach 2 and 3 tanks and looking to get he up close and personal tour around the vehicles as well as to the discerning modeler, looking to gain an excellent reference for when building the IDF Magach tanks.

I would like to than Dr. Manaserob and SabIngaMartin Publications for providing this review sample.
Highs: An amazing up close look at the Magach 2 & 3 tanks and their use during the Six-Day War.
Lows: None
Verdict: A comprehensive pictorial look IDFs Magach 2 and 3 tanks with sound textual support. An excellent reference source for these types of tanks.
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 28, 2015

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