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Book Review
The North Carolina
Building & Detailing The Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS North Carolina, BB-55
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by: Todd Michalak [ TRM5150 ]

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Model Shipwrights

Mike Ashey Publishing

For a while now, Mike Ashey has been a cornerstone in the modeling community not only for his quality and style of building but for his step by step processes which he has documented extremely well over the years. Recently Mike has launched a new website called Mike Ashey Publishing. With this new site, he is able to combine the promotion of his past written works covering aircraft, armor, railroad and ship building along with a brand new approach to modeling guides, the Comprehensive Series Model Manuals. These are all-inclusive step by step manuals to help models with honing their skills in the modeling hobby. The manuals highlight a different subject each time and cover the entire modeling process from construction, painting and even up to displaying the model. There appears to be a dual purpose to these manuals as I see it, first being the modeler gets the inside scoop on building of whatever particular subject the manuals are on; such as in Number 1 of the series, the USS North Carolina. The second benefit from these manual is the tips and techniques laid out in full-color step by step orientation. This allows the builder to take away the basic building tools they will need as they move on through future builds.

Building & Detailing The Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS North Carolina, BB-55

Recently I obtained my first copy of Mike Ashey Publishing’s brand new format, the Comprehensive Series Model Manuals. I received Number 1 in the series, Building & Detailing The Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS North Carolina, BB-55. This is a forty-six page book laid out in A4 format but supplied in a slightly different way. The heavy weight card stock paper comes with the pages pre-punched to be accepted into a three ring binder of your choosing. Contained within the forty-six paged book are 235 color pictures chronicling the construction of Trumpeter’s 1/350 scale USS North Carolina.

There are no chapters in this book, but rather page after page of color photos showing the various steps and modifications Mike used to create his version of the USS North Carolina. From the outset of this manual, Mike explains a little about the kit he is using for the build, what he used for any aftermarket parts and paints and a brief explanation of certain applications.

As you look through this manual, Mike explains his processes with great detail and focuses on problems the modeler may encounter when building this particular kit. Mike’s building sequences are straightforward and easy to follow. Through his many years of experiences as a professional model builder, Mike has been able to lay out the entire process to construction in a format that is not only simple to understand but actually fun to follow along with.

Throughout the book, Mike shares little tips and tricks to the building processes such as keeping the hull from bowing in before the decks are applied to drilling out barrels, fixing seams in decks and around attachment points. He even includes a few photos focusing on the rigging of the ship. The manual ends with an array of finished build photos of Mike’s USS North Carolina.


Way back the day, I bought one of my first boos on ship modeling; it was Mike Ashey’s Basics To Ship Modeling. Up to that point I had only built cars and a handful of armor models. His book opened my eyes to what I had thought was an impossible task, building a great looking ship model. I was excited to hear of the new Comprehensive Series Model Manuals coming out and was even more excited when I was able to get one and see firsthand Mike’s work in print again.

Building & Detailing The Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS North Carolina, BB-55 is simply a fantastic step by step tutorial for assembling and finishing this Trumpeter Model. Mike Ashey is able to document the processes involved with constructing this model as well as conveying a solid approach to modifying and making corrections to the kit itself. I highly recommend Building & Detailing The Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS North Carolina, BB-55 from Mike Ashey Publishing as this manual is a must have for anyone, novice to advanced builder, who is interested in learning the ins and outs to constructing not only the USS North Carolina, but ship models as a whole.

The Building & Detailing The Trumpeter 1/350 Scale USS North Carolina, BB-55 manual and other manuals as well as Mike Ashey’s full listing of previously released books are available at Mike Ashey Publishing

Update - Mike Ashey Publishing is now set up for the PAYPAL purchases for the 50 states and Puerto Rico. International purchases are still being worked out and we will have a simple process online soon.
Highs: An amazing step by step guide, full color, easy to follow instruction and construction.
Lows: None
Verdict: An excellent step by step tutorial to not only building the North Carolina but for building ship models in general.
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  Mfg. ID: Number 1
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 19, 2017

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About Todd Michalak (TRM5150)

I am building what I like, when I like and how I like it; having fun doing it. I have been building and finishing models on and off my whole life but the past ten years things really exploded. Just about anything goes when it comes to hitting the bench, but wrecked armor, rusted hulks, ships or ...

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I have learned a lot of important modeling ideas, techniques and tips from Mike's books. I agree totally with your rating of 100%.
AUG 19, 2017 - 03:55 AM
Thanks Harry! I have been a fan of his for a long time as well (as if you couldn't tell...LOL) Just some great reading and modeling fun!!
AUG 19, 2017 - 05:52 AM
Hmmmm interesting. Well if my NC does not survive the move next year may pick this up with a replacement kit. Have to see what other offerings. LOL request for a 350 WW2 Missouri and a 1/200 Iowa
SEP 05, 2017 - 12:21 AM

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