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Universal Spray Out Pot
Universal Spray Out Pot
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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Iwata continues to look at what else they can supply that is related to their airbrush offerings. This time around it is a universal spray out pot which means that it will accommodate any airbrush not just Iwata airbrushes. I will also add here that this is just one part of a work station combination, with this being the cleaning element of the possible combination.


Due to a medical condition I have I am a big fan of the spray out pots, they help to keep the vapours from your airbrush inside and out of your lungs. This is achieved by the neck of your airbrush being sealed and a filter element allowing air out but keeping the vapours in. This offering from Iwata is particularly well packaged, that is just as well as the container is glass with a rubberised sleeve. The sleeve will help to prevent movement of the container if utilised on its own. A nice inclusion with the rubberised sleeve is that there is a slot moulded into it allowing the user to keep an eye on how the fluid level is going.

The lid of the container has been well designed with a shield on the inner face which will help to settle the elements coming out of your airbrush and so helping to extend the life of the actual filter element. There is a seal around the inside of the lid to seal it against the glass container. The neck where you insert the airbrush is made of two separate elements; one is a collar that fits well into the lid securing it, the second part is rubberised and this is what seals the airbrush in the pot: I had a spare one of these in this sample, but I cannot see it stated as included as standard. The filter housing is easily removed via the lug moulded as part of it and this enables easy changing of the filters; there are two spare filters included with the product and extra spares can be sort or try using filter wool from a fish keeping store instead.

There is a shaped metal bare supplied as a handle for the product if it is used on its own, I wish Iwata had utilised a similar material for connecting it to the airbrush holder that is sold separately. A thinner metal bar stock has been supplied to support the airbrush when inserted; if used with the airbrush holder it allows the support of three airbrushes. The holder has been designed to accommodate all types of airbrush such as suction, gravity, side fed and trigger offerings.


This is a particularly well designed and thought out spray out pot. The shield inside the lid that directs the spray from the airbrush down is a good design feature of this product as is the ease of the filter change. As I have said in another review I am not a fan of how this element attaches to the spray gun holder, but it does work and secures the two elements together well. The viewing slot is another well thought out addition, it is little details like this that make this a quality product.
Highs: The fluid level viewing window and spray director mark this out to me as a good product.
Lows: The price is a little high compared to competitions products, but the price is relative.
Verdict: Worthy of consideration as a standalone product, but a great product when combined without other elements from the range.
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  Mfg. ID: IWCL-300
  Suggested Retail: £29.95
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 09, 2017

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Both this and the AB holder are very useful items, a "must have", but I bought the same identical things for a fraction of the price, paying tens of dollars more just because as Iwata or another brand written on it is silly to me, because in the end the Chinese factory that produces these items is the same
SEP 09, 2017 - 03:08 AM

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