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Shattered Glass
Shattered Glass
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by: Carlos Martin [ VARANUSK ]

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Most buildings have windows, which are made of glass. Considering the fragility of glass (a simple bullet or the blast of an explosion nearby will break it to pieces), the chances to find it shattered in a war scenario are quite high.
Therefore, among the rubble of any destroyed or even slightly damaged construction, you should add broken glass all around.
The new product from Artefakt allows to add it easily to a diorama.

The product

Shattered Glass, as the names suggests, is a product to simulate broken glass pieces in dioramas or vehicles. It comes in a round plastic jar of 3,7cm of diameter and 2cm high. The cover is screwed and arrives sealed.

On open it, it is completely full of parts up to the edge of the jar.

The pieces are very thin, completely transparent and random in size and shape. They vary between 10mm to 2mm long and more or less the same in width. The thickness on the other hand is consistent and all look the same. Some are approximately rectangular, others triangular and others something else, with no particular pattern.

They are safe to use, despite being very thin they will not cut your fingers.

In use

The pieces can be broken if needed, using flat pliers or just the hands. The new parts have he same properties of the original one, without way to note whether it comes originally as is or has been broken by you.

They fit a 1/35 scene and just selecting smaller pieces they can be used for 1/48 or even 1/72.

They are not affected in any way by alcohol or odorless thinner, not varying the transparency nor getting soft. They can be glued to a base using white glue, gravel fixer or even pigment fixer.

Once in place, they can be painted with brush, airbrushed or weathered with pigments, which adhere to them fairly well.


I have found it to be a very useful and realistic product, ready and safe to use. The content of a jar should be enough for several scenes.
Highs: Safe, ready to use
Lows: None noticed
Verdict: Useful product to easily recreate shattered glass
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  PUBLISHED: Nov 26, 2018

Our Thanks to Artefakt Diorama Accessories!
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About Carlos Martin (varanusk)

My main interest is German vehicles and guns, and I like spending time researching the vehicle and the options for the camo once I have chosen a subject. Sometimes I go for specific and rare vehicles, of which only two or three photos are known so it takes me a lot of time to figure how everything w...

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Great to see you got an excellent review Alex – as I don’t do Facebook could you message me with an alternative way of ordering? I’d really like to feature this product in my Anthropoid diorama – as previously discussed I’m looking for higher-than-average large straight edges in my shards!
NOV 25, 2018 - 09:47 PM
You never give these kinds of products any thought until you actually need them -badly! As such I'm thrilled that someone is offering this as I was getting tired of sourcing and artfully breaking slide covers.
NOV 26, 2018 - 10:40 AM
Thank you Frank. I was not happy with the slide covers myself, although they look the part of course. Breaking and handling tiny bits of real glass is a no-go on my workbench. For anyone who is not on facebook and who wants the shattered glass, you can email me at [email protected] Best, Alex
NOV 26, 2018 - 08:44 PM

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