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HO scale
Coal Crane Kolenkraan
Coal Crane Kolenkraan / Kohlenkran
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Coal Crane is a 1:87/HO multi-media kit from Artitec. Catalogued as item 10.297, it consists of resin and photo-etch parts.

Coal Crane?
These machines were ubiquitous in one design or another throughout the age when coal was the main source of fuel. They were used to fuel coal-burning locomotives and boilers, to load and unload coal shipments, trans-load coal to or from one mode of transportation to another one - you get the idea. The coal would be moved by a scoop or clam shell appliance at the end of the boom, or by using a hook to grab coal carts and wagons.

The Kit
Artitec's sturdy box holds 43 resin, plastic, and photo-etch parts:
Resin x 11
    - Cab
    - Roof
    - Base
    - Bearing turntable
    - Stairs
    - Step landing
    - Pulleys x 3
    - Bells x 2
P/E x 30
    - Windows x 4
    - Cab step
    - Boom structure x 9
    - Pulley and bearings x 16
    - Lifting hook block & tackle x 2

The final two parts are a length of plastic rod axle, and a clear sheet for glass.

It appears per the instructions that there are many extra pieces not used with this kit.

Casting quality of the crisp buff-colored resin parts is high. I found no air pocks, seam lines, nor sink holes. There is some flash but it is so wispy thin that most parted cleanly with just the swipe of a finger.

The cabin, roof, and base are separately molded. The other pieces share a common pour block.

The roof of the cabin fits precisely into the open cabin. The P/E fret holds sharply etched thin brass parts. They are held to the fret with thin attachments that should be easy to cut.

I found no clear material for windows in the box, nor any mention of such in the instructions.

Fine wood paneling details the exterior of the cabin. There is no interior detail. That is disappointing as there are large windows to peer through.

Photo-etch window framing is provided, giving a scale look to the windows.

The boom is scale-thin and no doubt delicate. Care should be used when assembling it. The boom is assembled with eight parts: side structures; stiffeners; transverse bar; horizontal crossbar braces and ladder. The boom fits along the sides of the cabin, alignment shown by flat raised areas cast over the simulated wood siding.

The P/E fret holds several C-shaped rails. They are part of the coal tubs (see link below), presumably once included with this crane. Brass pulley parts are also not shown so perhaps they are replaced by the resin pulleys?

No cable material is provided. Thread or other products should suffice.

Instructions and Decals
No decals.

A single piece of paper presents the assembly and painting instructions. Dutch, English, and German text guides modelers. Black-and-white line art illustrates the process. Gray scale is used for positioning arrows. Study the instructions carefully before attempting assembly of the boom.

Only Humbrol paints are referenced. Seven colors are listed.

This small industrial Coal Crane Kolenkraan / Kohlenkran should build up into a high-quality Artitec model. Be careful of placement because I'll bet that the boom is fragile.

Casting is very good. The photo-etch is excellent. Be careful with the very tiny parts.

Modelers in need of a small crane should be very pleased with this finely scaled model. I think that due to the thin brass that it may require moderate skills to assemble. However, I also think it might make a good first multi-media model for a modeler to venture into these materials.

Artitec should be proud of this model. Recommended.
Highs: Detailed and crisp casting. Detailed photo-etched parts.
Lows: No interior detail to see through the large windows.
Verdict: Modelers in need of a small crane should be very pleased with this finely scaled model. I think that due to the thin brass that it may require moderate skills to assemble and yet it might make a good first multi-media model for a developing modeler.
  Scale: HO Scale
  Mfg. ID: 10.297
  Related Link: Coal Carts
  PUBLISHED: May 13, 2019

Our Thanks to Artitec!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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