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1/700 Russian SSK Kilo Class
1/700 Russian SSK Kilo Class
  • 01-HobbyBoss 1/700 Kilo SSK Class

by: Rui Matos [ SKIPPER ]

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Model Shipwrights

Kilo´s history

SSK Kilo Class (Type 636) Attack Submarine, Russia

The Russian Kilo class submarine first entered service in the early 1980s.

It was designed by the Rubin Central Maritime Design Bureau, St Petersburg. Subsequent developments have led to the current production versions, the Type 877EKM and most recently, Type 636.

The submarines are constructed at the Admiralty Shipyard in St Petersburg.

Type 636 is designed for anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-surface ship (ASuW) warfare and also for general reconnaissance and patrol missions. The Type 636 submarine is considered to be to be one of the quietest diesel submarines in the world. It is said to be capable of detecting an enemy submarine at a range three to four times greater than it can be detected itself.

24 Kilo class submarines are in service in the Russian Navy (most of the older designs).

Kilo class submarines have also been exported to Iran, China, India, Poland, Romania and Algeria. China has two Type 877EKM, Iran has three Type 877EKM and India has ten Type 877EKM (Sindughosh Class). The Type 877EKM is designed for anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-surface ship (ASuW) warfare.

The submarine is a single-shaft vessel with a double hull. The bow planes are positioned close to the midship to improve the performance of the sonar. To reduce the submarine's acoustic signature, the flooding ports have been removed from the forebody. It also has a new gas-freeing system and the hull is covered with rubber anti-sonar protection tiles to reduce risk of detection.

Type 877EKM has a displacement of 2,300t when surfaced and 3,950t submerged. Maximum diving depth is 300m. Speed is 10kt when surfaced and 17kt when submerged. Range is 6,000 miles when snorting at 7kt and 400 miles when submerged at 3kt.

The model

The box..

The box has a "almost standart" dimensions when compared with PitRoad or MidshipModels boxes. It show a built model (waterline version) on the box top, being the bottom the instructions. On the sides four small photos of a full hull model and the class "short version" history completes the package.

The Parts

This is a simple model, comprising 13 parts (yes, you read right: thirteen):

- Hull top and bottom (bellow waterline divided);
- Port and starboard diving planes (used only if you intend to make the submarine in the submersed configuration);
- Mast and Periscopes (x2);
- Two propelers (screws) choice for Soviet or Chinese versions;
- Bridge (Conning Tower);
- Stand (already painted in black and with the identification printed);
- Stand supports (x2).

The detail on the hull and bridge is excellent, up to other top plastic model manufacturers. High note to the level of detail on the hull top part.

Parts List

The instruction diagram, starts with parts identification, in a small but clear drawing.

My only confusion, is the phrase Both Surface & diving bridge available? Well, no parts are provided, and as I'll explain later, no options is explained to the modeler.

Construction diagram...

An exploded view of the model with the parts being directed by arrow makes the trick! They are clear, and also have the colour guide, with Mr. Color and Aqueous Hobby Color references included. Of note here, are the strange colours indicated for masts (white with the top black) and for the "rings" near the bow and stern, which is adviced to be painted white, but against references, it shows a light gray.

The optional propellers, or screws, aren't explained which is which! A good reference in this situation, and other deployment situations (diving planes, masts and periscopes positions) is, for instance, Trumpeters 1/144 scale Kilo.

Parts fitting...

Since I have decided to make a waterline version of my Kilo, I have only used two parts (hull and conning tower) and a section of one of the masts, the fitting was good and no putty was needed what so ever. The rest of the parts I used were scratcbuilt (radar mast and two communications masts), only because I was being picky and found this parts to be a little on the heavy side.
Also srapped off the molded in handraillings in the conning tower part and replaced them with sections of spare parts brass raillings.

I have read somewhere that this model includes decals. Well, it doesn't, but it should! It would be easier to reproduce the hull markings (that I opted to omit).

A very good model that surprised me. An excellent value for the money, and if you are not as picky as I am, you should be able to make this full hull or waterline submarine during a weekend.

I intend to buy another one of two of these for future projects and I hope that the comming submarines from HobbyBoss in this scale be at least as good as this one, but still have space to be improved.


Online references:

Soviet submarine Project877


Submarines of the world
ISBN 4-05-602447-2

You can see the result of my adventure in a MOD Feature called Soviets Got´a new SS

Rui Matos (aka skipper)
Highs: Hull parts detail, fitting of parts, price, options (full hull or waterline). Complexity excellent if you want start the modeling bug on someone, and a good base if you are a experienced modeler.
Lows: Smaller parts detail (periscopes and antenas), lack of decals, lack of building options indication
Verdict: Highly reccomended, even with the low points.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: #87002
  Suggested Retail: €6.00
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  PUBLISHED: Jul 08, 2007

About Rui Matos (skipper)

Hi all Crew Members!
Rui Matos, 39 years old (in 2006), married, former Portuguese Navy Fire Control Radar Operator , and "owned" by two cats - James, Stripes (Riscas in portuguese, now deceased) and Moon (Lua)!
I've been modeling since I was 6, but only have turned to Submarines in 1991 o...

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Good review, Skip, I really like this little model...did a great job with yer build too, mate...thanks for sharing both with us! Think this one will go on the "must have" list! Keep Modeling! ~Gunny
JUL 08, 2007 - 11:28 AM
Thanks Mark As I said, this was a very funny and relaxing project! I must got another couple of them, just because of some ideas I got (Oh, no!!! Here we go again!!) Skipper
JUL 08, 2007 - 11:44 AM

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