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First Look Review
Norfolk Naval Operating Base
The Great Gray Ships Of Norfolk Reference Photo CD, Part 1
  • RB24

by: Mark R. Smith [ GUNNY ]

Originally published on:
Model Shipwrights

  • RB242

"In this MSW "First Look" style review, we get a chance to see some of the excellent reference images and learn some details about Still Motions Photographics!"


Very recently, new MSW crew-mate/vendor Ray D. Bean (brazozulu), owner/operator of Still Motions Photographics studio gave me a chance to view and review some of his reference CD subjects, and this will be the first in a series covering these products.

Located in Winnipeg, Canada, Ray offers many different digital services, from Commercial, Aerial Overflight, Stock Imaging, to Weddings and Glamour, all digital imaging included, all still type imaging.

Ray started out working freelance for assorted magazines and newspapers, all with a heavy emphasis on defense imaging...he has logged many hours in a helo platform and also has been a guest shooter aboard countless aircraft carriers and other naval fighting ships.

Over the years, Ray has aquired a collection of over 35,000 images of the 80s and 90s ships, and aircraft of the US Fleet. While working in many camera retail outlets in the Canadian midwest, he slowly built up a home based wedding business in Winnipeg, Canada. A ship modeler as well, what better way to help out other ship modelers, than to share his collection of reference images?

So, Ray set out making collections of the various images in category and type, and started to produce copies for re-sale, which leads us now to this review. Many ship modelers worldwide use his CD's on a regular basis when high quality shots are required for super detailing their ship subjects, or for research projects as well. Each CD in his catalog offers a selection of images unique to the subject at hand, offering full color, high resolution images from many angles, including aerial shots.

Currently, Ray has 37 seperate image CD's in his catalog covering a wide range of subjects, take a look at his website for a full listing.

the CD, and what you'll find inside...

This specific photo CD coverages a popular modeling range of vessels of the US Navy fleet, dating from the 1970's to current day vessels, from "Norva", or Norfolk Virginia, home of the largest Naval base. There are over 200 images on this specific CD, all in a large, high resolution, full color and black and white format (mostly color!) images, all previously unpublished, and now since the events of 9/11, have become very difficult to obtain elsewhere.

In this Volume you will find assorted classes of Carriers, Battleships, Cruisers, Destroyers, Submarines, Gator Forces, Yardcraft, docks and piers, including aerial panoramic views of the DD and CV piers, The Norfolk Waterfront, Newport News and Naval Shipyard. As a special attraction, there are also many rare drydock images of vessels also contained herein. All images are labeled and tagged with details.

This image CD will prove itself to be an invaluable reference tool for not only the ship modeler, but the student and researcher as well...the images are fantastic, and the detail and clarity, quite remarkable!
Highs: Clear, high quality, full color and black and white high resolution images, fantastic reference material for many modeling vessel subjects
Lows: None!
Verdict: If your looking for a group of reference images in this category of subject, then look no further...you need this CD...highly recommended from this modelers point of view!
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: NORVA24
  Suggested Retail: $22.00USD
  Related Link: Official Company Website
  PUBLISHED: Sep 16, 2008
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Still Motions Photographics!
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