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In-Box Review
Captain America
Captain America
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by: Andy Brazier [ BETHEYN ]

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Knight Models is a project conceived to manufacture and market white metal models to assemble, paint and collect on a scale of 1/27 (65-70 mm average of height from heels to eyes) of the most popular film and comic licenses. Knight Models has been exclusively created to develop this unique line of models around popular licenses such as MARVEL and STAR WARS.

In the Tin

As with the other Marvel kits produced by Knight Models, packaging is well taken care of. The tin holds the white metal pieces in-between two foam inserts with any smaller items also bagged.

The Captain America kit is cast in white metal and is split into 9 pieces. The parts breakdown is, the torso, right leg, both arms, head, the two wings for the mask, the shield, and finally the metal base.

No flash or imperfections are evident. The two small wings which fit onto the mask are connected to a small metal sprue, and the shield has a small pour plug on one side. The left foot has a metal wire coming out of the bottom which needs to be removed. All of these parts are very easy to remove, so clean up is easy with a sharp knife.

Detail is pretty good with the torso having the "fish scale" chest and shoulder armour. The stars are engraved on the torso and are raised on the head, so painting these should be pretty straightforward. A utility belt with pouches are molded on and have some detail in the shape of buckles on them. The boots have the flared tops and a nice tread pattern on the soles. The head has the 3/4 face mask molded onto it with Cap pulling a screaming at the "baddies" face. The two head wings are separate parts and are a little difficult to attach, as they are small. The shield has shallow engraved lines for the different color sections, and I think this will be the hardest part to paint. The right arm is cast as throwing a punch with the left arm holding the shield. The straps for the shield are molded onto the arm and are a little thick for the scale, but the position the figure is modeled the straps won't be that noticeable.

The base is cast as rubble with what I first thought was a wreath, but now think is possibly a tire at the edge of the base. Once painted it should look acceptable.
The pose of Captain America is a action stance with him running, about to throw a punch while holding his shield just above the front of his face, it does look a little "camp" though.

Fit wise the kit goes together pretty well with the only part that needs some attention is the head join (but that could have been my fault, not putting it on right), but a quick swipe with a file blends it in. The figure does need a some support whilst the glue sets when attaching it to the base as it is pretty forward heavy.
Highs: Well cast and packaged
Lows: Bit of a camp stance
Verdict: Excellent quality and a must for Marvel fans
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: KMV006
  Suggested Retail: 42.50
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 18, 2009
  NATIONALITY: United States

About Andy Brazier (betheyn)

I started modelling in the 70's with my Dad building Airfix aircraft kits. The memory of my Dad and I building and painting a Avro Lancaster on the kitchen table will always be with me. I then found a friend who enjoyed building models, and between us I think we built the entire range of 1/72 Airfi...

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Thanks Scott. Andy
AUG 27, 2009 - 08:55 AM
Knight Models is producing really nice figures... Thanks for the review. However I just found the famous recaster from Argentina selling the original Captain America kit on eBay... meaning he'll soon start selling recasts as well. Mario
AUG 27, 2009 - 10:04 AM

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