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In-Box Review
DShK Machinegun w/Crew
Soviet DShK Machinegun with Crew WWII
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by: Gino P. Quintiliani [ HEAVYARTY ]

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From Wikipedia:

“The Soviet Army's first requirement for a heavy machine gun appeared in 1929. The first such gun, the Degtyaryov, Krupnokalibernyi (DK, Degtyaryov, Large calibre), was built in 1930 and this gun was produced in small quantities from 1933 to 1935.

The 12.7mm gun was fed from a drum magazine of only thirty rounds, and had a poor rate of fire. Shpagin developed a belt feed mechanism to fit to the DK giving rise, in 1938, to the adoption of the gun as the DShK 1938. This became the standard Soviet heavy machine gun in World War II.

The DShK 1938 was used in several roles. As an anti-aircraft weapon it was mounted on pintle and tripod mounts.

In addition to the Soviet Union and Russia, the DShK has been manufactured under license by a number of countries, including the People's Republic of China, Pakistan and Romania. Today, it has largely been phased out in favor of the more modern NSV and Kord designs.”

The Kit

This kit from Zvezda includes the parts to make a Soviet DShK MG crew and gun on a tripod in the Anti Aircraft configuration from WWII. The parts come on two, flash-free, light gray sprues. One large sprue holds the crew and their personal gear. The smaller sprue holds the DShK MG and the tripod parts, along with the transport/ground mount shield and wheeled axle. Also included is a small clear piece for the sight and a small decal set with the reticles for the clear sight. Lastly, the set is rounded out by a nice instruction sheet that includes a template to align the legs of the tripod and the crewman's legs as well. A very nice feature that should come in handy.

The crew figures are molded very nicely with crisp features and no flash. The figures are divided up into separate pieces for each leg, arm, upper torso, and heads. All of their gear is also molded as separate items. The two tripod legs being held by crewmen are molded with their hands on the legs for a tight grip. Another nice feature is the helmets. The helmets are molded with internal webbing, a very nice feature that is not usually seen in plastic kits. The instructions also include color call outs for Model Master paints.

The weapons are nicely molded as well. Included are two PpSh 41 SMGs and one Mosin Nagant M1891/30 rifle. Each of the weapons also has the appropriate ammo pouches included. The DSkH MG is well molded with crisp barrel cooling fins and details. The weapons sprue also contains tripod legs without the figures hands if you want to build the gun w/o a crew. Also included, but "X"ed out as not used on the instructions is a second DShK MG. So you could feasibly build two guns from the set.


This set looks as though it will build into a very nice DShK MG team to go along with your Soviet WWII subjects.
Highs: Nicely molded weapons and nice inclusion of decals for the AA sight.
Lows: None noted.
Verdict: A very nice set to add to your Soviet WWII pieces.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 3609
  Suggested Retail: $16.98
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  PUBLISHED: Jun 08, 2010

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About Gino P. Quintiliani (HeavyArty)

Retired US Army Artillery Officer, currently a contractor at MacDill AFB in the Tampa, FL area. I have been modelling for the past 40+ years, really seriously on armor and large scale helos (1/32, 1/35) for the last 35 or so.

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Thanks for posting this up James.
JUN 09, 2010 - 01:13 AM
Picked this kit up to-day. Yes you do get 2 machine guns ,at least the breach / barrel parts. One is set up for AA use, the other is for a ground mount.( Next release maybe ? ) Only one set of wheels and gun shield,only one pintal mount and only one set of spade grips / cocking handle , etc.,So you can only build one . The crew holding the tripod come with 2 sets of hands . One molded on the tripod and the other set seperate . As stated in the review you do get extra tripod legs without hands. So you could build the gun without crew. All in all I think it's a great kit and now just have to figure out where to set it up . Jim
JUN 10, 2010 - 09:41 AM

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