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Multimedia Review
Volume 95: HMS Nelson/Rodney
Still Motions Photographics Volume 95: HMS Nelson/Rodney
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by: Jim Adams [ GOLDENPONY ]

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Model Shipwrights


During the interwar period nations thought if they could limit warships in one fashion or another that this would limit chances for war. One method to adhere to the letter of the treaty was to scrap ships that would push the country over the limits of the treaty, this way newer ships could be built. The other alternative was to build smaller capital ships. No Navy wanted to build a smaller battleship or a larger cruiser. Another way to stay within the guidelines of the treaty was to build an inventive ship. Small but with massive firepower in a compact location, the result was HMS Nelson and HMS Rodney.

The DVD…

These are two of the most unique ships from World War II. Heck, I might even argue they are on the all time list of unique warships. Their main guns were set forward to reduce the amount of armor that would be needed on the ship. This in turn reduced the weight of the ship and allowed to fit with in the Naval treaties of the time.

There are over 150 high resolution images of these two ships on the DVD. Image size runs from 7200x7200 down to 950x570. You will get many nice images of these two ships, along with line drawings, and camo patterns.

This is the first time these two ships have been featured on a resource such as this. You can get right in there and find all the details that are missing on the current issues for the current kits available for both of these ships.


Royal Navy fans will want to be sure to pick one of these up, you never know when there will be a 350 scale kit coming out. This gives you a very good look at a rather unique set of sisters. Even with the dearth of kits for these two ships I would still pick up a copy to add to you naval reference library. Its small compact and easy to use. Plus a good deal of these photos are hard to find on your own.
Highs: Great reference for a nice pair of sisters.
Lows: None Noted
Verdict: These two are very unique ships and now you have a handy reference for these two.
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  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: Volume 95
  Suggested Retail: $27.00
  Related Link: Volume 95
  PUBLISHED: May 03, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United Kingdom

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