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Book Review
Issue 6/December 2011 Modellfahrzeug-Magazin DER MASS:STAB Herpa's Car & Truck Model Magazine
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by: Randy L Harvey [ HARV ]

DER MASS: STAB - Herpa's Cars & Truck Model Magazine is Herpa’s ambassador to the modeling world: an ideal magazine for all hobbyists. You will find lots of interesting information about Herpa and our new releases in this magazine designed for experienced collectors, model builders, and car enthusiasts. Diorama fans will discover intriguing articles as well. Entertaining and exciting stories about the original cars and trucks, and other interesting topics dealing with 1/87 scale models make this magazine a great treat for all Herpa fans.

Six times a year Herpa publishes their flagship magazine DER MASS: STAB Modellfahrzeug-Magazin. Issue 6/December 2011 is now available. It is packed with cool and amazingly detailed models and stories. You can subscribe to DER MASS:STAB, or buy it from selected newsstands in German railway stations, or from hobby shops around the world.

The magazine is 11 ¾” by 8 ¼” in size and has as total of 66 pages. It is printed on the nice thicker magazine paper and is held together with staples. The photographs are nice and clear and are of varying sizes and are all nice and clear. The photographs come with very detailed and informative captions. The text is mostly German and is of a nice sized font which makes it easy to read…..if you can read German. If not a little time spent with an on-line translator is worth the time. The majority of the magazine is dedicated to the feature articles with a few pages at the back of the magazine being dedicated to advertisements, club events, model shows and the normal type of fanfare found in last pages of most magazines.


- Editorial
- Current
- Title story
- Die Actros-Familie (The Actros family)
- Article and photographs discussing the Actros family of Mercedes trucks and their scale counterparts.
- Huttenzauber (Cabin magic)
- Article and photographs showing a highly detail painted semi and trailer with the cab of the truck having had a wooden interior installed.
- Nueheiten (Something New)
- Januar/Februar 2012 (January / February 2012)
- A collection of new model vehicles are shown and described such as the Mercedes-Benz B-Class, Volvo P 1800 E and the Mercedes-Benz Actros M '08 8x4 Meiller Tipper.
- Mit 63 Jahren Zu Jung Fur Die Rente (With 63 years Too Young For The pension)
- Article and photographs discussing the Land Rover
- Der England-Spezialist (The UK specialist)
- An article discussing Scania truck that MASS: STAB made as a novelty. The staff goes to the actual facility, where the real truck is from, for a tour.
- Der LTW 8/140 – Die Besondere Feuerwehr (The LTW 8 / 140 - The Special Fire)
- Article and photographs of a former Mercedes-Benz SK tank vehicle converted to a fire extinguishing vehicle.
- Supertrucks (Super Trucks)
- Photographs and details of different diesel engine semi models.
- An Den Folien Kleben Geblieben (Has remained at the bonding films)
- Markus Schäffler from Schwäbisch Hall has a large scale car collection and the MASS: STAB visited him and his extensive collection of models.
- Ein Kran Der Superlative (The crane is a superlative)
- Berlin modeler Hans-Jorg Schierz’s fire crane truck he built based on a Herpa model.
- Werkstattpraxis Empl-Wrecker (Workshop practice Empl-Wrecker)
- Article and photographs showing how to dismantle a built wrecker model so that a different version can be built.
- Die Besonderen (The special)
- Converted car models from MASS: STAB employee Thomas Rutenhofer who is a car conversion specialist. Featured works of his are a Mini, VW, Audi and an Opel Manta GT-E.
- Das Busdepot (The Bus Depot)
- A nice detailed diorama of a Bus Depot with many things going on at once.
- Weinnachten Steht Vor Der Tur, Oder? (Christmas Is In the Door, Or?)
- A diorama of an Audi Q5 with a Christmas tree tied to the roof attempting to pass a snowplow truck on a snow covered road.
- Erdbewegung Unter Wasser (Excavating underwater)
- Scale models of water barges with large excavators and dredging equipment shown in various stages of performing a dredging operation. (Personally this was my favorite article due to the fact that is a subject that isn’t shown in scale very often).
- Architektur Auf Kleinster Flache (Architecture on the smallest surface area)
- A 1/87 scale diorama of an airport departure area built by MASS: STAB employee Wolfgang Leusch.
- Vorschau 1/12 (Preview 1/12)
- A preview of the January 2012 issue of the MASS: STAB magazine.

Even though the text is mostly in German this is a very nice magazine that covers many areas of interest in the world of Herpa railroad accessories as well as other real life vehicle and individuals. Covering everything from trucks, to cars, to dioramas to details of actual vehicles this magazine will be helpful to the model railroader as well as the scale car collector and car and truck enthusiast.

Thanks to HERPA Miniaturmodelle GmbH for the review sample. Be sure to mention that you read the review here when ordering.
Highs: Many nice photographs with very descriptive captions. Interesting and informative articles.
Lows: Most of the text is in German only.
Verdict: A helpful magazine for the model railroader and the scale car collector and car and truck enthusiast.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 4 205221 065005 06
  Suggested Retail: 6,50 EUR
  PUBLISHED: Dec 22, 2011

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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