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In-Box Review
N scale
Residential House with Shelter
Residential House with Shelter “N” Gauge
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by: Tim Hatton [ LITESPEED ]

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The contents
The model parts are contained in NOCH's distinctive yellow top opening box that is shrink wrapped for extra security, the box lid is hinged to the tray. A nice touch on the inside of the tray are various village signs in “N”, “TT” and “HO” scale. The card parts are contained in two small resealable bags.

Inside the box is:
    -1 x floor including walls [card]
    -4 x walls that attach on the inside of the outer walls [card]
    -1 x tiled roof comes in two parts [card]
    -1 x roof ridge [card]
    -1 x chimney, built from five parts [card]
    -1 x sprue of injected plastic gutters and downpipes.
    -1 x clear acetate sheet.
    -1 x front door [card]
    -1 x rear door [card]
    -2 x door frames [card]
    -26 x windows frames [card]
    -2 x gable end wooden walls [card]
    -2 x weather boards [card]
    -1 x veranda tiled roof [card]
    -1 x veranda frames [card]
    -1 x veranda floor[card]
    -8 steps for the doors [card]
    -1 x paper sheet with coloured net curtains, heavier curtains, and several interior reinforcement strips printed on it.
    -1 x tube of UHU wood glue.
    -1 x printed instructions.

Dimensions: 66mm [83mm*] length x 47mm width x 68mm height

*Includes the Veranda.

A small instructional booklet takes you through eight stages of construction. Instructions are written in in seven languages:


The texture and colour on the some of the components, roof, shutters, chimney, etc. look first rate. They components are not weathered, so if they look a bit to clean for your tastes you may want to weather parts like the roof tiles a little. Construction looks very straight forward. Before building the workshop it is essential you attach the components for the windows, doors and acetate sheet to the inside of the walls. There are four paper walls that have all the curtains printed on it, which makes construction a whole lot easier and less time consuming as there are around 6-8 windows on each side of the house. A quick dry run shows that all the printed curtains match up to the window spaces perfectly. The partial floor and the four walls are cut from one piece of card. All you need to do is remove the excess card from the folds, the fold areas are chamfered. The walls are glued using the supplied adhesive. There are paper re enforcing strips for the inside corners of the walls. The chimney is probably the trickiest part of the build. It is made up from five separate card parts and the corner of the chimney stack is stepped following the bonding of the brickwork. The interlocking corners will give this structure some additional strength and also make it look more realistic. The two part roof is finished off with a length of ridge tiles. It great to see the plastic guttering and downpipes rather than card or paper ones. The cross section of the gutters is nicely done. Some additional glue may be required to glue the plastic guttering and downpipes to the card building.

The Veranda is a nice addition to the house, but you could leave it off as its not integral to the structure of the house. The depth of the card timber framework looks convincing.
If your layout has this style of building, then this grand looking house is highly recommended. At 19.99 euros it represents very good value for money, if you think of the time and material it would take to scratch build this beauty.
Highs: Very attractive building, construction looks straightforward and everything you need to build the structure is contained in the box.
Lows: None.
Verdict: This is a very charming looking house especially as it has the Veranda attached. NOCH seem to have a good knack of delivering excellent buildings for the railway enthusiast. Highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: N Scale
  Mfg. ID: 63600N
  Suggested Retail: 19.99 euros
  PUBLISHED: Jan 16, 2012

Our Thanks to NOCH!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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