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First Look Review
MAN TGX XXL low-boy semitrailer
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by: Randy L Harvey [ HARV ]

MAN TGX XXL low-boy semitrailer "Affolter" (CH)
Series: Heavy Duty
Item: 159128
Price: 39,50 EUR
Collection: CARS&TRUCKS
Brochure: Auslaufmodelle / Discontinued models

The truck:
The MAN TGX is the truck for demanding national and international long-haul traffic.
Three cabs, the XL, XLX and XXL provide a spacious environment for driving and living. Innovative design, excellent aerodynamics, optimised driving comfort and a high level of safety: with its modern technology and powerful dynamics the TGX sets new standards in national and international long-distance traffic.
    Powerful visual optics and sophisticated aerodynamics
    Drag coefficients (Cw) are more favourable by 4 % this lowers the fuel consumption and reduces driving noises by roughly 30 %
    Three cabs, the XL, XLX and XXL
    More freedom of movement for driving, living and accommodation
    • Cab interior design
    New design features with many details for enhanced safety and more comfort
    Technology for your safetyElectronic Stability Program (ESP) standard equipment on some models, Active Cruise Control (ACC), Anti-Locking Bracking System (ABS), brake assistant and Continuous Damping Control (CDC) deliver additional safety as well as protecting the driver and cargo.

The trailer:
The latest generation of low-loaders is the Nooteboom PXE Pendel-X Euro low-loaders. This low-loader is equipped with pendle axles and is the ultimate transport solution for the transport of construction and earthmoving machinery. For the transport of boats and vessels the Pendel-X low-loader offers important advantages too.

**Information collected from the Man and Nooteboom web sites**

The Herpa MAN TGX XXL low-boy semitrailer "Affolter" (CH) comes packed in a clear plastic form fitting carrier which sits in a paperboard insert which is inserted a light plastic box that opens on both ends.

The MAN TGX XXL low-boy semitrailer "Affolter" (CH) comes fully assembled and painted. I found no flaws in the molding or assembly. The exterior is smooth and shiny and features fine recessed lines for doors and panels. Its chassis has nice molded details which show the individual drive shafts, differentials, and leaf springs, etc. The windshield and all other glass areas are free of distortion and scratches. Individual clear lenses simulate the headlights and red tinted clear lenses are used for tail lights. Clear orange plastic was used in the warning lightbar on the roof of the cab. The wheels have black rubber tires with nice tread pattern detail and come with silver rims. None of the mirrors have a silver color to them to simulate reflective glass. The interior is very basic and features seats, steering wheel and dashboard. The windshield wipers are part of the black molding at the base of the windshield. The cab tilts forward to expose a basic detailed engine. There are four mirrors which come as separate pieces that need to be applied to the cab. There are two side view mirrors and two mirrors that mount on the right side of the cab to reveal the blind areas on the right side and the front area of the truck. One negative thing I need to point out is that the 5th wheel plate is missing from my sample.

The low-boy semitrailer is molded in grey plastic with tan plastic with painted wood decking. Along the sides are anchor and on the rear portion are slots for the mooring stakes. The wheels have black rubber tires with nice tread pattern detail and come with silver rims. There are three sections of diamond tread plate on the neck portion of the trailer which is molded in silver. The main deck telescopes rearward from the neck portion of the trailer to enable it to haul longer loads. The neck portion and the rear portion both hinge and can be angled. The taillights and brake lights are molded and painted plastic and are not made of clear plastic as the ones located on the truck.

There are sprues that come with the set that contain several small detail pieces that need to be added. These are the mirrors, marker flags, mooring stakes, etc. They do not require glue to be held in place as there are locator holes on the truck and trailer. The biggest downfall is that there aren’t any instructions showing where these pieces are to be placed. The set does not come with instructions and the web site does not have anything along the lines of an instruction sheet or placement guide. After searching on the internet I did find a multi-view set of colored line drawings (I provide the image and the web link with my review) that show where a few of the pieces go. The rest I had to figure out where they went on my own.

The model body is painted in a thin smooth glossy finish. The molding, the interior and the underside is molded in black. The Man logo is chromed upon the black on the front of the cab. There are no decals in place on this set as Herpa does not use decals. The markings are all painted on and the amount of fine detail is very impressive.

This MAN TGX XXL low-boy semitrailer "Affolter" (CH) is a nicely done model with fine plastic detail and great finishing. It has clear lenses for headlights and brake lights (on the truck) and detailed tires. The underside is very nicely detailed. This model should please modern model railroaders, railroad diorama builders, and scale truck/car collectors. I would have no hesitation recommending this model, as well as other Herpa models, to others.

Thanks to HERPA Miniaturmodelle GmbH for the review sample. Be sure to mention that you heard about it here when ordering.

Herpa web site:
Man web site:
Nooteboom web site:
Little Treasure Models web site:
Highs: Nicely done representation of the actual vehicle. Nice finish on the vehicles color. Plastic lenses for the headlights and taillights on the truck.
Lows: Missing 5th wheel plate. Lack of instruction sheet. Mirrors lack a reflective surface.
Verdict: A nicely done model with fine plastic detail and great finishing which represents the MAN TGX XXL low-boy semitrailer.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 159128
  Suggested Retail: 39,50 EUR
  Related Link: MAN TGX XXL series
  PUBLISHED: Mar 04, 2012

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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