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Brick Garage, Laser-cut
Garage, laser-cut
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

Series: Laser-Cut Minis
Item: 14353
Media: Card; frosted plastic

This laser-cut model of a brick garage with a peaked roof is a model in the NOCH Laser-Cut Minis series. NOCH uses laser technology to cut and etch highly detailed models of buildings, lumber, plants, and other subjects. NOCH currently advertises over 60 of these sets in three scales: HO, TT, and N.

Garage (Peaked roof)
This kit is packed in a label-backed end-opening carton. Inside are 11 pieces of laser-cut card parts and a thin translucent frosted plastic window glazing. The exterior walls card is textured for brick, and painted for an ochre masonary. A well illustrated instruction sheet with several languages guides the assembly process. Color PDF instructions are available from the NOCH website by clicking Click here for additional images for this review, below. No glue is included.

The kit is built up from a foundation, four interior walls, four walls of simulated brick and wooden doors, roofing sheet, and the paper roof. The components are precisely laser-cut. Surprisingly, not all edges are singed by the laser. The parts are cut through and held to their sheet by two very small connectors. They are easy to cut out.

Garage can find many places with its small footprint of 2,56 in. x 1.57 in. x 1.54 in. (6,5 x 4,0 x 3,9 cm).

This model garage is based on a ubiquitous design found all over, with uses limited only by one's imagination.

Look at the detail laser-etched into the doors. Extremely fine lines are burned into them representing wood detail, hinges, muntins, trim, jambs, door handle, and framing.

Exterior building detail is laser-etched to simulate bricks with recessed mortar lines, plus several recessed bricks. The roof resembles simple tar paper. The brick and lintels are painted by hand. The paint may be why the exterior walls have a slight bow to them. Experienced modelers know, that when painting thin wood or card, to paint both sides to keep the material from warping. I did not try to soak or paint the walls as I thought they would attach flat to the inner walls. By the photos you can judge for yourself whether you should with your garage.

Parking the parts
Assembly was easy and quick. It took me about 20 minutes from first cut to completed model.

I used Uhu glue (Available from NOCH website.) left over from a previous NOCH kit. The only tool you really need is a sharp blade to separate the parts from their sheets. Be aware that even with a razor sharp blade, some material may remain from where you separated a piece from the sheet and you may see an uncolored spot. I cut and attached the inner walls to the base. I think this was a mistake as now the garage is permanently attached to the base. With other kits I use the base as a jig to square the walls.

Next, attach the exterior walls. The side walls are sandwiched between the end walls. I did not need my magnetic gluing jig or machinist angles to square the walls and create a tight fit.

With the walls good n' true, I set the paper tar paper roof cover atop the structure. It is stiff and just stays put courtesy of gravity. Now you have a garage for your layout! Built out-of-box this shed looks great and is at home on American or European layouts. It is shown built with a NOCH Flowering Fruit Tree.

I am very impressed with this peaked roof garage. I have found these thick board models easy to work with. The amount of detail NOCH creates with their laser is impressive. Garage item no.14353 was easy, quick, and fun to build up.

This garage looks like simple masonry sheds all over the world, regardless of what you decide to shelter in it. It will look good on any layout. One could leave the back off and mate it to any structure as a small office or storage room.

My only minor complaint is that the side brick parts do not butt flush with the end walls. Perhaps NOCH will experiment with lasing the ends at an angle as they do with other of their laser kits?

I think this makes a great looking garage for 1/72 through HO (1/87). Outbuildings like this can be found anywhere: railroad, airfield, factory, house.

I happily recommend this model.

We thank NOCH for providing this sample; please tell sellers and vendors you saw this model here -- on Railroad Modeling!

Click here for additional images for this review.

Highs: Thick board is easy to work with. The amount of detail NOCH creates with their laser is impressive and it was was easy, quick, and fun to build up.
Lows: Minor - slight gaps between the ends walls and side walls.
Verdict: I think this makes a great looking shed for 1/72 through HO (1/87). Outbuildings like this can be found anywhere: railroad, airfield, factory, house.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:87
  Mfg. ID: 14353
  Suggested Retail: $15 ( 10.99 )
  Related Link: Laser-Cut Minis series
  PUBLISHED: Feb 26, 2013

Our Thanks to NOCH!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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