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Adding Photos in Post
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Posted: Monday, March 27, 2017 - 05:54 AM UTC
Hi All,

I am exploring how to explain adding photos to our forum posts easily.

This image is in my gallery as a small thumbnail. I clicked on it and it enlarged.

First, I copied the URL directly from Linked Thumbnail and pasted it and it made this small thumbnail:

Second, to the right of that link box is an icon that looks like a picture frame with a paperclip. Click it and it brings up two URLs:

1. HTML code

2. Direct link

If you copy the URL directly out of HTML code it looks like this:

Direct link looks like this (italics added): /data/500/OKC_RR_Museum_2_8_0_14_1000x708_.jpg

I don't know why it does not show the entire URL string: http://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/OKC_RR_Museum_2_8_0_14_1000x708_.jpg

Regardless, it does not have the string ends '[img ]' and '[/img]' (do not have any space between the brackets and 'img'), thus it will only display as a line of code. Bracketing that code with '[img ]' and '[/img]' looks like this:

A slightly quicker way is simply to right-click the full-size image and Copy Image Location. That makes a hot link of the proceeding URL http://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/OKC_RR_Museum_2_8_0_14_1000x708_.jpg. You just have to click the '[img]' button at far right below the post page text box, and insert the URL string.

Hope this helps.