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Virginian and Ohio Model RailRoad at NMRA

July’s first week of 2005 found the National Model Railroad Association’s national convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. My first convention, and well worth it. I spent most of it attending tours of model railroad layouts. July 6th was the big day, the deal-maker for which I decided to attend the NMRA NatCon instead of IPMS’ Atlanta convention, the Dayton Super Tour! The star of which shone brightest amongst stars for me, the reason I came, was Allen McClelland’s legendary Virginian & Ohio!

The original Virginian & Ohio, inspiration of my model railroading hobby, is gone now. When Mr. McClelland had to move, the original was too intrical to the house to dismantle. He did salvage a few pieces, Fullerton and Clintwood donated to museums, and two pieces are grafted into his new V&O layout. They are the pieces fully layed out in the gallery found here - Gallery.
Below are a few examples of what's in the gallery.
  • V_O_17_
  • V_O_19_
  • V_O_Diesels_2_
  • V_O_steam
  • V_Opt2_1_

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I'm not a huge fan of the American lines (or even diesel or electric lines), being more partial to the British and European steam lines, but I can't help but admire the stunning work. Really is a beautiful layout! Thanks for sharing.
JAN 23, 2007 - 10:53 AM