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MSW Community Build Wrap-Up

A year ago several stead fast and hardy Model shipwrights began a process of building a ship model over a year’s time frame and documenting their builds for us along the way.

The contest was ambitious and unique as it would be judged each month by the staff members of Model ShipWrights. The competitors were broken down into two classes, OOB and full build.

For the full build anything and everything could be done to the ship. The included a full range of AM items and full water bases to round out the project. OOB builders were to build their ship as it sat in the box. Both groups proceeded over the course of the year on their projects. Each month the staff members would judge their progress and award points to their builds, 5 points, 3 points, and 1 point. Only the progress of each month was judged.

Along the way some builders faced personal set back which included medical and job related problems. Some builders dropped out along the way, but for the most part people hung in there and pushed ahead.

In the end we had to choose a winner in each class. Peter Fulgoney won the full build and James Martiney took home the crown for the OOB class.

For those who took part the staff offers you a BRAVO ZULU!

Edit Note:

I took nine pictures over the course of the construction of each persons build. They contestants are listed alphabetical by their call sign.

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