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The History of Enterprise

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A History of the Name

When you hear certain names you know there is history behind them. This history can be good or bad, it all depends on the name. As a tradition in the worlds Navies names of ships are handed down over the years. Some ship names are only used until that ship either wins a great victory or suffers a great defeat. But, no matter the reason we all associate some great event to that ship.

The name Enterprise is no stranger to being passed down. To date there have been 19 ships in the Royal Navy named Enterprise (Enterprize), 8 US Navy ships, 1 Confederate Navy Ship, up to 23 French ships, 1 NASA Space Shuttle, 1 Goodyear Blimp, 1 US Army Balloon, a US Navy barracks, Virgin Galactic’s first commercial ship, countless geographical names, many businesses, and even 8 future ships named Enterprise from Star Trek fame.

When you hear the name Enterprise you may think of those opening days of the war in the Pacific when the Big E stood against the advancing bulwark of the Japanese. You might have an image of James T. Kirk sitting on the bridge of the Enterprise as he tries to worm his way out of the latest tight spot. No matter your image, Enterprise has proven herself for well over 300 years in the hearts of Naval enthusiasts. She has taken us from the waves into the earth’s atmosphere. She will take us to the lowest edges of space and then she will take us to the stars.

What follows is not a small feet. It was proposed to me back in October and has been worked on since then. As you will see there is a great amount of work and I would like to personally thank Dariush for spending his time and money on this project.

I know you were not expecting to get a lesson in word origins, but I think this just adds a little extra something. The word appears in the 15th century and comes from Old French, "an undertaking." noun use of femenim past participle of entreprendre "undertake, take in hand," from entre- "between" + prendre "to take," contraction of prehendere (see prehensile). Abstract sense of "readiness to undertake challenges, spirit of daring" is from late 15c.

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I wonder will the Navy will let her smash all speed records before she retires.
SEP 17, 2010 - 05:58 AM
I really enjoyed that Jim .....What an informative and interesting feature... Thanks for sharing Louis Malta
SEP 17, 2010 - 07:25 PM