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  No Regional Selection, Singapore / 新加坡

Occupation: Police Officer
Username: SpiritsEye


About SpiritsEye
I started modelling in 2003 November. My first model was a German BF109, i actually wanted to model only fighter planes and place them on my computer desk to look 'cool'. Then i stumbled upon my dad's old tank models (70s and 80s make) and also upon this site. My interest in AFV skyrocketed from then. I am working as a police officer. Challenging and dangerous job, i would say and i welcome challenges. A beer to all law enforcers in the world!

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1 of ours is better than 10 of yours: A medal for completing the campaign
Miniature Magic Ribbon: Awarded for the successful completion of the Miniature Magic Mission!
Panzer!! Campaign Iron Cross: This Iron Cross awards the few stubborn tankcommanders who succesfully completed the Panzer!! Campaign and showing their reliabillity by just fulfilling their mission regardless the absence of both stratigic and operational leadership from the general high command.
S.I.K. For Ya:
Spahwagen Abteilung campaign award: This award signifies this person completed the Spahwagen Abteilung Campaign.
Tank Terror Award: This award signifies this modeler finished the Tank Terror Campaign of 2005.
The Ardennes Offensive Ribbon: This award signifies that this person participated in commemorating the offensive/counter-offensive strike in the Ardennes Forest, December 16, 1944 to January 28, 1945